Employee Benefits

At Pilgrim Bay, we specialize in unconventional ideas and creative strategies that can lower your cost without sacrificing employee benefits.  Take a moment and ask yourself the following questions.  Is your company or organization paying too much for your health insurance?   Do you know about HRA or HSA plans? Do you know about Section 105 health plans, which can limit your cost and lower your premiums?  How does the National Healthcare Program affect your business?  When was the last time you shopped your employee benefits?  When you last renewed your policy, did your broker devote the time to do a comprehensive analysis?

If you don’t know the answers to any of the above questions allow us to help.

With access to many top rated insurance companies such as Tufts, Harvard, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Fallon, Delta, Met Life, Principal, Trustmark, to name only a few, we can handcraft an employee benefits plan that works for you.

If your health insurance rates keep going up, contact us today to see how Pilgrim Bay Insurance can help. Any broker can quote your insurance, but at Pilgrim Bay, we specialize in the creative solutions that you need to keep your employees happy and control your benefit costs.