Education Service Group

If you are a President, Executive Director, CFO, Human Resources or Business Manager we at Pilgrim Bay bring a unique skillset to protect your institution, staff, directors or trustees and, of course, your students.  Our team of professionals has over ten years of experience in the education field and can maximize insurance coverage and limit exposure to your institution.

The exposure to risk varies depending on the size and type of institution, our team has experience with Charter Schools, Elementary and High Schools, Boarding Schools and Colleges and even institutions focusing on Special Education.

Traditional package insurance policies covering property and general liability often have exclusions that leave educational institutions vulnerable.  At Pilgrim Bay we understand the wide variety of coverage requirements educational institutions require in their insurance programs.  In addition to General Liability, Excess Liability and Workers’ Compensation, it is critical to have competitively priced Educators Professional Liability, Abuse and Molestation Coverage, Corporal Punishment Coverage and even Workplace Violence Coverage.

In the event of a total loss will your current insurance program offer tuition reimbursement?  During a crisis will your insurance provider cover expenses for emergency response crisis management?  Following a crisis do you have coverage for image restoration?  If you were a client of Pilgrim Bay you would know the answer to these questions.